Who we are

BioCurate is a bold, collaborative venture, dedicated to translating Australia’s research potential to drive economic returns and health impacts worldwide. Created jointly by two of Australia’s leading biomedical universities – the University of Melbourne and Monash University – with the support of the Victorian government, we identify promising biomedical research and help accelerate its development into new therapies. We are operationally independent, with a team that brings decades of scientific and commercial expertise, enabling us to recognise and realise real-world potential and providing a critical bridge, aligning the efforts and interests of industry and academia.
We can help you change the future.

We bridge the gap

Our collaborative team of global biomedical experts bridge the gap between:

Academia + Industry
Ideas + Impact
Discovery + Partnerships
Collaboration + Commercialisation
Research + Translation

What we are doing

The BioCurate team

Our team

Has over 200 years of combined biotech/pharma industry experience

Has been directly involved in over 39 Investigational New Drug applications (INDs)

Are responsible for 72 therapeutics currently in the clinic

Were directly involved in 15 deals worth a cumulative total of more than $3.9 billion

Twitter feed

What is considered "industry best practice" in terms of communication and collaboration, raw data and validation, and funding and timelines when developing a novel therapeutic? Read our Insight into industry via https://nuvi.me/6w4r6o

Marvelous clear discussion of unmet need. For many illnesses, greater efficacy is way more important than better safety. We all take aspirin or ibuprofen despite proven safety risks. Dr.s use dexamethasone for chronic illnesses because they believe they can manage the risks. https://twitter.com/BioCurate/status/1329299621873651714

Unmet medical need is widely misunderstood or often incorrectly defined. Read our Factsheet to find out what and what does not constitute an “unmet medical need”, the meaning of “differentiation” and stakeholder considerations https://nuvi.me/83yfn2