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Follow BioCurate's progress throughout the years with our Annual Reports.


The 2023 Annual Report highlights BioCurate’s excellent progress, with milestone success and pipeline growth helping us build a robust portfolio of drug development assets. In particular, the significant growth in our pipeline of early-stage projects was enabled through the expansion of the popular Proof of Concept Scheme with two successful BioCurate Opportunity Application rounds completed, bringing in numerous high-quality opportunities. Pleasingly, all existing Portfolio Projects met key milestones, enabling them to advance to the next stage of development.

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The 2022 Annual Report outlines BioCurate progressing the portfolio through key stage gates and growing the pipeline of early-stage projects through an expansion of the Proof of Concept Scheme (POC). A successful fourth round of BioCurate Opportunity Applications (BOA) was completed as well as the generation of novel projects by the BioCurate team. This builds on the strong foundations and positive momentum gained over the previous years towards BioCurate’s mission to commercialise potential therapeutic candidates and create impact on the lives of patients.

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The 2021 Annual Report highlights BioCurate’s expansion of the early pipeline and the driving of portfolio projects through key development milestones. This progress towards the BioCurate’s key translation-related goals is the result of strong foundations, the growth and intense focus of the project team, and the partnership with Monash University and the University of Melbourne.

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The 2020 Annual Report focuses on BioCurate’s successful evaluation of a number of new opportunities and acceleration the progress of projects along their respective development paths, despite the many challenges.

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The 2019 Annual Report focuses on BioCurate’s significant progress with the company’s principal business – building BioCurate’s portfolio and a long-term project pipeline, and improving the understanding of research translation.

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2018 Annual report cover page

The 2018 Annual Report focuses on BioCurate’s significant progress with the company’s principal business – improving the understanding of research translation and accelerating the level and speed at which promising drug discoveries are supported to achieve clinical impact.

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2017 Annual report cover page

The 2017 Annual Report focuses on an exciting start BioCurate has made in its quest to develop new medicines, and provides a glimpse of what 2018 has in store.

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