BioCurate and Neurosciences Victoria enter into a Memorandum of Understanding




May 14, 2018

BioCurate is excited to announce a new collaboration with Neurosciences Victoria (NSV). The two organisations will work together to identify neuroscience project opportunities that may be of interest to BioCurate. This affiliation will provide a tremendous opportunity to help researchers build their translational capability and provide them with another avenue for review of projects as well as increasing deal flow across the neuroscience sector. Both BioCurate’s founding universities, The University of Melbourne and Monash University, are members of NSV.

Dr C Glenn Begley, BioCurate’s Chief Executive Officer, is very happy to be collaborating with NSV:

“Through a strong alliance of shared goals, we look forward to seeing great outcomes as research comes to fruition across the neuroscience field”, said Dr Begley.

Dr Anthony Filippis, NSV’s Chief Executive Officer, is delighted to be affiliated with BioCurate:

“We look forward to working with BioCurate in building and augmenting relationships and collaboration within the Victorian neuroscience research community”, said Dr Filippis.


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