Building a world-class team of research commercialisation experts




September 17, 2020

BioCurate recently welcomed three new additions to its team with the appointments of Dr Andy Allen as Associate Director of Project Management in July and two scientific Project Managers, Dr Belinda Huff and Dr Heique Bogdawa in June and September.

The team’s expansion will enable BioCurate to more effectively manage those projects within the portfolio that are making significant progress, as well as giving us greater potential to take on additional projects.

Andy brings extensive experience in working with multidisciplinary teams and driving commercialisation opportunities, while Belinda and Heique both have a breadth of experience managing drug discovery projects in collaboration with academic, contract research organisations, and industry stakeholders.

Critical to BioCurate’s success to achieve its mission is building a collaborative team of highly experienced and dedicated individuals who understand the challenges and opportunities of biomedical research, from both an academic and an industry perspective.

With an extensive, global network within the biotechnology sector, and a cache of knowledge and understanding of industry best practice, intellectual property and regulatory approvals, the BioCurate team is well positioned to chart the most practical pathway forward.

BioCurate is invested in the success of researchers and is committed to working with them to create therapies that have a lasting impact on the lives of patients.

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