Takeda Pharmaceuticals and BioCurate announce collaboration to accelerate innovative early stage discoveries of new therapeutics and drugs




October 30, 2019

BioCurate, a joint venture between Monash University and The University of Melbourne with support from the Victorian State Government, has signed an agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Takeda) to share commercial and scientific expertise with the aim of accelerating the discovery and development of new therapeutics and drugs.

Takeda and BioCurate will collaborate directly and via participation in BioCurate’s Industry and Scientific Advisory Committee to assess new therapeutic candidates arising from BioCurate’s academic partners.

BioCurate was established with a specific focus to fast-track research discoveries into early therapeutic development by addressing the barriers that limit the translation and commercialisation of early-stage research. The company’s goal is to build a sustainable capability in drug development, which entails nurturing projects to be attractive to potential investors or commercial partners. Collaborations such as this ensure promising projects receive critical expert advice and commercial assessment throughout the drug discovery process, thereby streamlining the therapeutic development process.

“BioCurate is very pleased to expand our collaborative linkages with experts who are able to provide invaluable scientific advice, commercial insight and partnering opportunities to BioCurate and Australia’s wider medical research sector,” said Dr C. Glenn Begley, CEO of BioCurate.

Takeda has a unique approach to collaboration that leverages diverse partnership models to unlock the best science no matter where it resides and to translate into life-changing medicines for patients. Each of its partnerships is created with aligned incentives, designed to leverage what each partner does best across academia and industry. Takeda has more than 200 active partnerships, and through its Center for External Innovation, has more than 25 new company creations and 45 venture financings since 2016.

We look forward to applying the expertise of Takeda’s world-class R&D engine, which spans from target identification through clinical development and commercialization, to our collaboration with BioCurate,” said Steve Hitchcock, Head, Research at Takeda. “Together we will help identify and nurture the discoveries from BioCurate’s ecosystem that have the greatest potential to become transformational new therapies for patients in need.”

Conducive to this broad-based collaboration is Australia’s ‘Parkville Precinct.’ This cluster of 30 world-class hospitals, research institutes, teaching and biotech organisations in Melbourne employs approximately 10,000 researchers, many of whom are the global leaders in their field. With its headquarters embedded within this precinct, BioCurate’s internationally-experienced team is well-placed to take part in and contribute to this thriving research ecosystem.




About BioCurate

BioCurate Pty Ltd was formed jointly in June 2016 by The University of Melbourne and Monash University, with support from the Victorian State Government to accelerate early phases of new drug development. BioCurate is seeking to address the key challenges in early stage drug development and to increase the number, quality and rate of translation of new drug discoveries into medically sound projects that are attractive for investment via commercial or public-good routes. The Company’s vision is to be a recognised global leader in the translation of basic medical research into human therapeutics. BioCurate is one of the key partners in the Biomedical Translation Bridge Program, a national initiative of the Australian Government aimed at nurturing the translation of new therapies, technologies and medical devices through to the proof of concept stage.  www.biocurate.com



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