Heique Bogdawa

Project Manager
Dr Heique Bogdawa is a biochemist with 12 years protein engineering experience in the development of high-quality biologics to assist with the identification of hit candidates and their validation through pre-clinical studies.

Heique has worked in a variety of drug discovery programs using bioprocessing platforms to produce recombinant proteins to treat chronic illnesses, including infection, vascular diseases, inflammation and cancer.

Her personal motivation is to nurture meaningful scientific partnerships to bridge the “knowledge to action” process in order to effectively translate research into the clinic.

At Phylogica, a biotech company based in Perth WA, Heique has coordinated R&D projects and engaged with different stakeholders, including partnering closely with many CROs and pharmaceutical companies across Australia and internationally. Whilst managing the Protein Expression Facility team at the University of Queensland, Heique implemented strategies to improve protein production capabilities to accelerate clients research in therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics.

Heique completed her PhD in Biochemistry at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, with part of her thesis being undertaken with the Université de Lausanne, Switzerland. She finalised two years of postdoctoral studies in Brazil prior to her move to Australia.

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