Working with BioCurate

BioCurate is committed to help researchers put their early stage research on the path to translation, to change the lives of patients and potentially make a real world impact.

How to get involved

BioCurate runs two cycles of new project submissions and evaluations per year. A preliminary evaluation of a project follows submission of a BioCurate Opportunity Assessment (BOA) application at the beginning of March and September each year, with outcomes announced at the end of the month.

If selected, applicants are requested to further submit a more detailed Expression of Interest (EOI) application within one month of the announcement. All BOA and EOI applications must be submitted via Monash Innovation or University of Melbourne Business Development and Innovation.

EOI applicants are encouraged to present their project to BioCurate early in the EOI review process, which runs for one month following submission.

Our research collaborators

BioCurate is privileged to work with researchers who are addressing unmet clinical needs, supported by robust scientific data. Find out more about some of our collaborators below.

Hear Associate Professor Jake Shortt (Monash Health, Monash Medical Centre) and Dr Sam Greenall (Monash Medical Centre) talk about how they are working towards developing new therapies for haematological cancers.

Listen to Associate Professor Christopher Reid (Principal Research Fellow, Head of the Neurophysiology of Excitable Networks Laboratory at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health) discuss his research and working with BioCurate on the podcast Eavesdrop on Experts

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