BioCurate’s Mission

BioCurate was founded with the mission to translate medical research outputs into high quality pre-clinical candidates. Our focus is to triage and prioritise early stage research opportunities with significant clinical potential. Our goal is to be a recognised global leader in the translation of basic medical research into human therapeutics.

Jointly formed in June 2016 by the University of Melbourne and Monash University, with support from the Victorian State Government, we aim to grow the Victorian and Australian biotech sector by taking important discoveries out of the lab and into the real world. We operate in the under-resourced, yet critical, early phases of therapeutic development to overcome common barriers to success and drive early decisions.

We address the key challenges in early stage therapeutic development through funding and development of research from our shareholder Universities. We increase the number, quality and rate of new therapeutic discoveries and translations into medically sound projects that are attractive for investment through a commercial pathway or a public route. We bring rigour into the assessment process by ensuring research projects address unmet clinical needs, have competitive IP and are backed by robust scientific data.

BioCurate has assembled a team with hands-on experience in the successful development and commercialisation of a range of therapeutic modalities spanning a diverse array of diseases, giving us first-hand knowledge of the studies we review.

BioCurate brings benefit to our community by helping to advance Australian research and innovation globally.

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